BOUDOIR Towel, dark olive



The BOUDOIR towels have a classic simplicity thanks to their black/off-white stripe pattern. The design also feature a wide vertical colour stripe and edges in beautiful contrasting colours. The towels are made of OEKO-TEX® 100-certified cotton, which creates an exceptional softness and gret absorbancy.

Størrelse: B 40 x L 60 cm, B 50 x L 95 cm, B 70 x L 135 cm
Farve: Dark olive
Materiale: 100% organic cotton, oeko-tex 
Plejeanvisning: Wash at 60 degrees Celcius. Do not use softener, as this reduces the absorption of the towel. Use of softener will also bind the surplus fibres and cause fluff on the surface of the towel. Tumble drying is recommended for maximum volume.


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