TWIN placemat, Dark grey / Sand


TWIN is a sustainable cork placemat that is organic in both shape and material. Cork is an ingenious material when it comes to sustainability. The cork oak absorbs more CO2 than it emits, which means that the CO2 emitted during production and transportation will not exceed the amount of CO2 that the cork oak uses during photosynthesis. At the same time, the cork oak contributes greatly to the biodiversity of the large areas where it grows. In fact, cork forests are one of 35 biodiversity hotspots, as are the Amazon, the African savannah, and Borneo.

The TWIN placemats have different colours on the front and back, so they can be turned over for a new look on the table. 

Size: W32 x L 44 x H0,5 cm
Material: Cork / MDF
Care instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth

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