NOVA ARTE towel, Black / Off-white



NOVA ARTE means 'new art', which is exactly what the design of this series exudes: abstract, artistic expressions in process. Shapes and brush strokes are combined with contrasting black and off-white nuances that are complemented by hems in a subdued plum-like colour that will leave an impression in the bathroom or kitchen.

Mix and match with the equally stunning black and off-white ICON accessory line from the Mette Ditmer collection.

The NOVA ARTE towel series is produced in 100% organic cotton, which is grown without the use of harmful chemicals. This reduces the environmental impact and contributes to more healthy working conditions for the farmers.

Size: W40 x L55 cm, W70 x L133 cm.
Material: 100% organic cotton.
Care instructions: Wash at 60° C. Do not use softener, as this reduces the absorption of the towel. Use of softener will also bind the surplus fibres and cause fluff on the surface of the towel. Tumble drying is recommended for maximum volume.

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