Design is like real life. It’s the small things, the details, that make the difference.


Our unique creations date back to 1995, when designer Mette Ditmer began to live out her passion for textiles, based on principles of authenticity, outstanding quality, well-being, and with a keen eye for detail. Since then, the Mette Ditmer universe has expanded to include items for the entire home, whose characteristics are based on the same strong values. Through our products, we desire to create a tactile, Scandinavian and stylish interior design in spaces all over the world - and with a little twist of something unexpected. Our holistic approach to interior design allows the whole home to be a place of calm, contemplation and creativity.

Form, colour and function

Regardless of the product, the common denominator is form, colour and function. You will always find a balance between the elements and a colour scheme that pleases the eye and creates a peaceful and inspiring atmosphere. Among our selection of products, you will often discover a little surprise in the form of small details that add the finishing touch. Playful combinations of colours and graphic patterns challenge the notion of simplicity and contribute to personalising the décor of the home. 

Our view on quality

Quality can have many meanings. For Mette Ditmer, it equals timeless design, durability and functionality. A focus on and curiosity about techniques and materials during the production of the unique designs ensures high quality and stylish products that can be enjoyed for many years. Throughout our assortment, the emphasis is on a beautiful and harmonious Scandinavian design and on the functionality of each piece. This allows the home to be enriched with creations that fulfil both everyday needs and the desire for timeless, tactile and personal interiors.