As a customer of Mette Ditmer Denmark, we collect and process a number of personal data from you. The guidelines for doing so have been provided by EU’s Data Protection Regulation, that have been in effect in Denmark since the 25th of May 2018, as well as the new Danish data protection law, that supplements the rules in EU’s Data Protection Regulation and the current personal data law. 

Further down you are able to read about which information is collected, hereunder how the information is processed, what it is used for, who has access to it, and who you can contact, if you have questions or comments regarding the collected information.

Information about stock and/or limited liability companies’ names, addresses, etc., do not concern a physical personal and are therefore not covered by the data protection regulation. 

Information is not sold or given out without the accept of the customer.


Personal Data 

When you visit Metteditmer.dk or Metteditmer.com we collect the following personal information:

  • Name
  • Address, zip code and city
  • Country
  • Cell phone number
  • E-mail 

The legal basis we base our processing on is your accept. Information is stored to fulfill a trade deal between you as a customer and Mette Ditmer Denmark.




When you sign up for Mette Ditmer’s newsletter we collect the following data:

  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Birthday (optional)

This information is collected so we are able to send material that is relevant for the customer. Providing information about one’s birthday is optional, and it is used to send the customer birthday wishes and a personal present when it is the customer’s birthday.


How long to we store personal information?

As a customer on Metteditmer.dk or Metteditmer.com, your information is stored 5 years forward from your latest purchase, in accordance with the rules of the accounting legislation.

As part of the ongoing agreement, the information is stored in our IT-system.

Storage of personal data in association with the newsletter takes places as long as the customer is signed up to the newsletter. The customer can, at any point in time, choose to unsubscribe to the newsletter via the link in the mail newsletters, or by contacting kundeservice@metteditmer.dk or +45 87 20 14 49.


What do we do with your personal data? 

The personal information that we collect about you is used to fulfill the trade agreement that you as a private customer have made with Mette Ditmer Denmark.

As a customer, you have the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter. The information that is given to us as part of the subscription processes is used to send mails with news, deals, invitations etc. It is not required to enter information about one’s birthday. If given, this information will be used to send a personal message and present on the customer’s birthday.


Transfer of personal data 


We do not send to or allow any third-party access to your personal information.


Use of data processors 

Mette Ditmer Denmark uses external data processors, that process your data for us, the company. This is with an administrative purpose, regarding billing, order processing and storage of your data in our IT-system.

To ensure that the processing of information happens confidentially and in accordance to our instructions, we have entered a data processing agreement with the respective parties. The data processors may not use the information that they are processing on behalf of Mette Ditmer Denmark, for any other purpose.



When you visit Metteditmer.dk or Metteditmer.com there will be collected information from you, that is used to adjust and improve the content that is shown on the site. You can read more about cookies in our cookies policy.


The right to see or access your information


As a customer/partner/retailer, you have the right to know whether or not Mette Ditmer Denmark is processing your personal data, and in the case that they are, you also have the right to access that data. You also have the right to ask to receive the information that you have given to Mette Ditmer Denmark (Data portability). Furthermore, you also have the right to withdraw your consent of the processing of your personal data.


The right to correct your personal data

You have the right to get incorrect personal information about yourself corrected by Mette Ditmer Denmark, without unnecessary delay.


The right to delete your personal data

You have a right to have your personal information deleted by Mette Ditmer Denmark without unnecessary delay, if the company does not continue to have a legitimate interest in storing your information.

Please note that in the case of Mette Ditmer Denmark being obliged by existing law to store that information, then you cannot demand your personal information be deleted.


Withdrawal of consent 

You have, at all times, the right to withdraw your consent to Mette Ditmer Denmark. If you choose to withdraw your consent, it will not affect the legality of our processing of your personal data, due to the prior consent given up to the point of the withdrawal. If you withdraw your consent, it is in effect from the time of the withdrawal, and not before.


Protection of personal data

In accordance to existing law, your personal data is required to be stored safely and confidentiality. We save the personal information you provide us in Mette Ditmer Denmark’s IT-system.

Our safety measures are monitored continuously to ensure, that our handling of personal information is done in the correct, responsible way and in accordance to your rights as a customer.


Changes in the handling of personal data

We reserve the right to update and change the guidelines for handling and processing of personal data. If the guidelines are altered, will the “last updated” date be shown on the bottom of the page. These guidelines are evaluated and if necessary, revised, annually.

Controller (Responsible for data)

Mette Ditmer Design ApS

Ørstedsvej 14B, DK-8600 Silkeborg

CVR: 31887585

Phone number: +45 87 20 14 49

Mail: kundeservice@metteditmer.dk

Web: www.metteditmer.com



If you wish to gain access to your personal information, that Mette Ditmer Denmark has registered, then it is customer service you need to contact at kundeservice@metteditmer.dk, or at the contact information above.

In the case that the data we have registered about you is incorrect, or you have other objections, then you are to contact the same mail and contact information above. You have the option to see what information we have registered about you.



If you wish to file a complaint about Mette Ditmer Denmark’s handling of your personal data, then you are able to file the complaint with the Data Inspectorate:

Data inspectorate

Borgergade 28, 5

DK-1300 København K

Telephone: +45 33 19 32 00

E-mail: dt@datatilsynet.dk