ART PIECE Sitting woman, black



The SITTING WOMAN has a very feminine expression with her vulnerable, naked figure. Place her together with other decorative items in a beatiful stilleben, or display her alone on a shelf, tray, table or pile of books – anyhow, she will add a personal detail to your home decoration. The SITTING WOMAN, like the rest of the products in the collection, is based on Mette Ditmer’s own ceramic craftings. The items have been reproduced in a stone-resin material, which is less fragile than ceramics, so that the items can withstand everyday life without breaking too easily. As the items are finalized by hand after molding, each one will appear a little different from the next, adding to the uniqueness of each art piece.

Size: B 9 x L 13 x H 14 cm
Material: Stone resin
Care instructions: Hand wash or use a moist cloth. We recommend normal dish soap. Not dishwasher safe.    

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