ART PIECE Nuki vase A, rose


Nuki Vase A is made according to the traditional Japanese Kurinuki technique. This rose coloured vase is part of a series of vases in different colours, shapes and sizes that make it easy to create a beautiful and interesting still life - either on a bookshelf or as an element in a decorative table setting. The vase can will be particularly decorative with flowers and branches.

Like the rest of the collection the Nuki vases are based on Mette Ditmer's own, hand-shaped creations in clay. The products are reproduced in stone resin, which is a composite material that is far less fragile than ceramics. In this way, the works of art can withstand the use of everyday life. Each vase is finished by hand, and will therefore always appear slightly different from the next, which further contributes to the unique expression of the vase.

Size: Ø6,5 x H15,5 cm.
Material: Stone resin.
Care instructions: Clean with water and wipe with a damp cloth. The product is not suitable for the dishwasher.

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