SAND GRAIN mug, 30 cl., Straw, 2-pack



SAND GRAIN is a tableware series meticulously handcrafted by Mette Ditmer and inspired by traditional craftmanship techniques and embraces imperfection as an art. The raw surface leads the thoughts to ceramic in its original shape and the grainy surface on the outside invites to tactile exploration. The inside of each piece is adorned with crystal glaze, which undergoes a transformative process due to the high temperature when burning the tableware. As a result, charming freckles emerge and adds to the uniqueness of each item.

The series is made of stoneware and has soft, organic shapes, which creates a personal and artistic look. The combination of the two different glazes mutually complement and highlight one another and makes every item unique with a handcrafted expression. Enhance your daily tea or coffee ritual with the handmade SAND GRAIN mug. This set of two mugs allows you to share a delightful cup of coffee with a loved one. With its timeless design and captivating warm straw colour, the mug stands out beautifully on its own or when combined with other items in the series, as well as when mixed with your existing tableware collection. The mug holds 30 cl. and as an added convenience, this product is both dishwasher and microwave safe, making it perfect for your everyday use.

Size: W8 x H9,5 cm
Material: Stoneware
Care instructions: Dishwasher and microwave safe.

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